Hello November!


Here’s how you can create something new and unique with some old candles and a recycled jar:

1. The first step is to prepare the jar by cleaning it and attaching to the bottom of it a candlewick. To do that I used some melted wax.

2. Then it’s time to start melting the different waxes that you have and to pour them in to the glass jar one by one. It’s important to wait for the wax layer to tighten before adding the next layer. This is done to avoid mixing the different colors and scents.

3. It happens sometimes that some holes and/or some cracks occur during the cooling phase around the candlewick. This is why I prefer to wait for a candle to cool down completely for a few hours before I add the last layer. This way I can correct each potential issue and to be happy with the end product.

What I liked most about the idea of ​​combining different candles into one is that when it burns, each new layer will surprise me with its unique scent 😉


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